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A multi-mythology site, based off of the books by Rick Riordan. Credit to Sienna for the header and who's online picture.
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 Improving the Site

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Rick Sanchez

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PostSubject: Improving the Site   Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:53 am

The following is a suggestion regarding major restructure for the site.

Part One: Currency
As we all know, the site runs on fictional cash, coins, credits, whatever it is you call. This currency is used for the purchasing of items from the site shop.

The real problem here, however, is that while admins and moderators have no trouble taking anything from the store, the members have no such privilege, and is severely limited in comparison. The B3 slot is a solid 35000, which is rather hard to earn. Sure, you can win one in a mystery box.

In a mystery box

Another term for “No matter how much you suck at literature, you can bet and may get a B3 slot over competent roleplayers.”

Sucks, right? Members are entitled to roleplay with a number of 10 slots, and the admins probably get infinite, but the changes below can, hopefully, settle the conflict.

Part Two: Changes

The first thing that should be done is scrap the currency. Roleplaying should be about fun and enjoyment, and should be “play”, not “pay” to win. Members should earn whatever they wish for, not through the means called money. Which leads to my suggestion.

Open up events. Competitions to win things from the store (which can no longer be purchased directly). Everyone should have an infinite number of slots, as well as the chance to apply for special slots instead of having have to buy them.

For example, one can apply for a B3 kid, but the form has to meet certain requirements which are more extreme than normal forms, and if they fail to meet the requirements then they can try again next time. To avoid admins having have to do it forever until the form is fixed, a form should be corrected only 5 times. If after 5 times, the person isn't approved, then he's denied, and will have to wait for some time until he can apply again.

Of course, to avoid spamming B3s, there should be limitations:
Immortality: 1 (has to be won through contests: past winners cannot compete)
Demititans: 1
B3: 2
Legacy of a B3: 2

And so on.

This system allows literate roleplayers to move forward and earn things that match their skills, rather than employing noobs to run around with a B3.

This will also swiftly resolve the conflict on whether admins should get free stuff from the store. Now, admins don't have to go through trials to get the slots, because their job is tiring and we should be grateful. (no immortality though, that thing should be won) However, we can now apply for and have all the things the admins have, thus making things equal, if you're literate enough.

As for the contest for immortality, we should host it every 2 months. Even more extreme, 3 to 6 months, or at the beginning of every season. Admins have to participate too if they want the immortality, and compete with others. I would say, writng contests, with whoever makes the most enjoyable story (judged by a fair judge) will win and be granted immortality upon one of their demigods.

Here ends my suggestion on a system that values competent roleplayers rather than keeping the system that lets money be the driving force.
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Improving the Site
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