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 [plot character] fire burn and cauldron bubble

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PostSubject: [plot character] fire burn and cauldron bubble   [plot character] fire burn and cauldron bubble Icon_minitimeFri Jul 14, 2017 1:15 am

[plot character] fire burn and cauldron bubble Tumblr_inline_oj2evgZjma1u6f8j7_250[plot character] fire burn and cauldron bubble Tumblr_inline_oj2esaHhFO1u6f8j7_250

Name: Adelaide “Della” Charlotte Fitzgerald
Age: 21
Gender: female
Sexuality: pansexual
Faceclaim (Optional): phoebe tonkin

Place of Birth: Los Vegas, Nevada
Race: caucasian
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: green
Height: 5’10
Body Type: Lean

God Parent: Trivia
Mortal Parent: Alexander Fitzgerald. Alexander is a washed up stage magician. Back in his prime he had a full house in Vegas, that attracted the attention of Trivia. Nowadays he’s lucky if he can get on stage. He spends most of his time now day drinking and working kid’s parties.

Personality: Della doesn’t necessarily come across as the warmest person. To strangers and people that she doesn’t know well, she’s cold if not downright b*tchy. She’s very protective of her friends, and is loyal to them for life. She takes a while to warm up to people, but its dependent on whether or not that someone can prove to her that they can be trusted. Adelaide will always put her found family over outsiders. Whatever she does is for the continued survival of black creek.
Talents: fluent in latin, magic tricks, gardening
Flaws (Minimum of Three): cold, b*tchy, reserved

Weapons: An imperial gold pugio that’s still as new as the day she got it. She mainly uses it for ceremonial purposes. She usually relies on her powers for combat.
Abilities: none
Powers: While some of Della’s power is innate, the rest of it is acquired from spellbooks.
Innate Powers:
Darkness: Della can summon darkness that can surround and hold a person. It lasts for four posts and can only be used once per topic. If the darkness surrounds the person’s head it will start to suffocate them.
Fireball: Della can cast fireballs the size of basketballs. She can cast four fireballs. She can only use this six times per topic with a two post cool down.
Speak with Ghosts: Della can speak with the recently departed. As long as a person has died within the last three days, she can speak with them. She can ask up to five questions, and the departed person isn’t required to tell the truth. The spell requires a sacrifice, usually blood of her own or someone else’s willingly given poured over fire.
Spellbook Powers:
Protective Wards: Della can induce protective wards over an area or person. The bigger the area, the longer the cooldown. For use in Black Creek, the spell lasts for a week and also has a week cooldown. For a person it lasts an hour and has a two hour cooldown. Only one spell can be up at a time.
Eye: Della can produce a floating eyeball that lasts for three hours/one topic. She can only use it once per topic. She can look through the eye whenever she wants as long as the eye is up. The eye can be seen by anyone and is easily destroyed.
Blindness: Della can bestow temporary blindness on a person she touches. The blindness lasts for up to three posts or until Della stops it. Della can use it twice per topic
Grasping vines: Della can cause rotting thorny vines to sprout from the ground and wrap themselves around a person. The vines last for four posts and have a two post cooldown. Della can use it twice per topic.
Feign Death: Della can touch a willing person or herself and put them in a state indistinguishable from death. The spell lasts for eight posts, and the person can willingly reenter consciousness at will. The subject has access to all senses (if their eyes are closed, however, they cannot see).
Entrances and Exits: Della can create a doorway where there is none. The doorway has to be on a wall. The doorway lasts for ten posts but Della can banish it before the time is up. Della can only do this once per topic.
Fog: Della can create a thick fog in the surrounding area. Anyone in the fog can only see three feet around them. The fog lasts for six posts. The fog can only be used once per topic.

History: Adelaide spend most of her time sitting backstage as her dad performed on stage. Her dad raised her with very few rules, which made Della’s live chaotic. Once she was old enough to go to school, she’d go straight to the theatre her dad performed at and sat backstage doing homework while he did rehearsals for that night. Alexander the Magnificent, they called him. The crowd loved him back then. Of course, then better acts came into town, and her dad was booted. He started drinking and partying more, until Adelaide rarely saw him. When she was 12 she was discovered by Lupa, who trained her and took her to camp. She was accepted into the fifth cohort. She never really warmed up to the rest of her cohort members, and she wasn’t that great at combat. In fact, she relied mainly on her own magic. The heads of New Rome did not take kindly to this, and they sent one of their senators to tell her that she had been kicked out. She wasn’t even allowed to gather her things. Shortly after Adelaide was kicked out, she was found by a scout of Black Creek. Rather than go back and face her alcoholic father, she went to black creek. She warmed up to everyone there, and soon it became her new family. Recently, there was an attack upon Black Creek, and Adelaide was lucky enough to escape with just a broken arm.

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PostSubject: Re: [plot character] fire burn and cauldron bubble   [plot character] fire burn and cauldron bubble Icon_minitimeFri Jul 14, 2017 2:07 am


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[plot character] fire burn and cauldron bubble
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