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 Of Magic and Demigods (Open)

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PostSubject: Of Magic and Demigods (Open)   Of Magic and Demigods (Open) Icon_minitimeSat Jul 15, 2017 2:23 am

The small figure of Sam stood by the lake shore, her chest heaving as she attempted to calm herself, eyes red and puffy from the tears which had streamed down them. For the moment, she managed to regain some composure and stop crying, but in her mind she thought back over the tragic events that led to grief and her fleeing to the lake.
As Samantha grew and furthered her studies, she became a more powerful sorceress, her magical power growing. It came as no surprise that there was those within the Legion were concerned, however... It came a shocking and unexpected blow to hear there were voices outside the Legion who possessed their own concerns. With her continued desire to understanding of sorcery,  there was an increasing concern as it progressed about the use of sorcery abilities with the Legion. Particularly, if or when the caster lost control of it.

These concerns eventually boiled over and a Council was formed to discuss the use of sorcery within the Legion as well as New Rome itself. At least that was what it happened to be officially, but in reality it served as little more than a front to shackle Samantha.
In spite of her passionate speech in the defence of such studies and powers, in spite of the evidence provided by her few allies, her numerous detractors won out. Sasha, a former Legionnaire placed in charge of the Council, reached the false conclusion that Samantha should be forbidden from using her sorceress powers. Not only this, but she was to turn over any and all documents that she possessed related to sorcery and that she would halt all study in regards to the field of magic.

The Discussion of Sorcery as it was officially called, but Samantha called the Council something else all together... A Trial. The Trial of Samantha as it were. She happened to be bitterly opposed to the decision reached by Sasha and the others who passed judgment on her, based on their ignorance and fears. With a heavy heart Samantha accepted the incorrect judgement. There was nothing that she could do. Sam had left the building in which the important, yet surprisingly clandestine meeting occurred managing to hold her grief within. But... The moment she reached the street outside Samantha had broken into a run, fleeing through the streets, cheeks wet with unwelcome tears until the young girl arrived at the lake shore where her grief could be allowed to spill. Only by the lake did her anguish seem small.

Sam would comply by the dictates of the Discussion of Sorcery, but in secret she was determined to continue her studies. Such a thing could not be allowed to atrophy, Samantha needed to master her powers. Without this, if called upon to protect her Legion and New Rome, she might fail.
Therefore it was only logical to continue the studies without permission and without witnesses. Sam considered the theoretical, failure to use her sorcery could place the Legion in danger, therefore the practical had to be study in secret, in the shadows and behind the backs of those who might betray her to the enemy.

So be it. The Legion had betrayed her, failed her. But Samantha would not betray them. Her detractors be damned.
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Of Magic and Demigods (Open)
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