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A multi-mythology site, based off of the books by Rick Riordan. Credit to Sienna for the header and who's online picture.
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 Victor WIP

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PostSubject: Victor WIP   Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:15 pm

Name: He was born Charles Lamont Sage, but his adopted name is currently Victor Cranston Rodor
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'11
Body Type: Medium build, muscular but not overly muscular or bulky. Broad shoulders, and a square jaw.
Skin Color: Caucasian
God Parent: Fama
Mortal Parent: His birth father is unknown, but his adopted father is Professor Aristotle 'Tot' Rodor
Country of Origin: Chicago, Illinois, United States.
Pets: A German Shepard named Volk

Talents: His talents include computer hacking, a photographic memory, natural skill in chemistry, flexibility, martial arts.

Weapon**: Victor carries a dart launcher, a crossbow action weapon that collapses down into a 3in diameter, 15 inch long cylinder. He also carries a small imperial gold knife, about a four inch handle and a six inch blade, which can be attached to a two meter chain he carries around as well.

Personality: Victor is very optimistic and positive, although he has an unhealthy addiction to conspiracies and seems to think that everything is a conspiracy, or can be traced back to one. This addiction affects him by creating a duplicate personality, with the same mental condition and all, Exocet for the fact that his other side is more darker, and nod as gentle or kind. This is a result of a bi-polar depression he suffered from when he learned of his older adopted sister passing away in combat overseas.

Flaws: Overly curious, this usually gets him into dangerous and possibly fatal situations when he tries to know too much, or already does know too much. A deathly fear of being buried alive, the mention of such subject or proposal of it causes an anxiety attack 9/10 times. He also has a burn across his face.

Life Before Camp*: Victor was born to poor parents in Chicago, to the name of Charles Lamont Sage, but due to his mother 'passing' in labor and his father being so poor, he was given over to a local orphanage. There he was adopted by a Professor, Dr. Aristotle Rodor at the ge of five. His adopted father had a daughter already from a strained marriage, and victor (as he had been renamed) and Juliet (his adopted sister) became very close. She was ten years older than him, and when he turned nine she joined into the army and was deployed into the Middle East.

Shortly after Juliet had been deployed, Victor and his adopted father moved to St. Louis, Missouri, and began to have signs and dreams that he was a demigod, and upon the guidance of his dreams and the help of his father he made his way to the wolf house. Victor trained under lupa before being sent to camp Jupiter at age 11. He spent his summers in camp, and school back in Missouri. Shortly before his 12th birthday, Juliet was killed in combat, which caused him to break into a bi-polar depression, which still remains with him today. After his adopted sisters death, he stayed at camp more, rarely seeing his father, but does visit him at times.

RP Example*: Victor walked through the Main Street of the camp, his mind deep in thought. He was distracted, yes, but distracted with good reason. The government, yes the government was watching. Spy planes? No. Secret agents? No. Victor knew how it was done, television. Subliminal messages and micro cameras and microphones built into television sets. That's how the government spied on the common man. That's how they seduced the public to encourage violence, war, funding and need for military. World peace was possible, it could be done, but the subliminal messaging within television programs forced the public not to allow it! Victor nodded to himself as he confirmed the thought. Well, conspiracy actually. But there was proof! And victor knew it. He needed to get to the local Internet cafe in new Rome where he could update his blog in a peaceful, and private environment. He knew no government agents could get to him, he had been careful to disguise his IP addresses, and his name, location, everything. If they even got close to finding him, they would only find an empty home in North Korea. Chuckling, he pressed on and towards his barracks and bunk to get his papers and tablet.
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Victor WIP
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