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 Rebellions Are Built On Hope

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PostSubject: Rebellions Are Built On Hope   Rebellions Are Built On Hope Icon_minitimeFri Jul 28, 2017 3:13 pm

Name: Erina Yates (real name Meredith Jansen)
Age: 19
Chronological Age: 72
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
fc// (if there's one): Felicity Jones

Rebellions Are Built On Hope Jyn-erso-in-rogue-one-is-the-hero-and-role-model-all-young-girls-need

Country of Origin: England is my city
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): London
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: Pale
Hair color: Dark black
Eye color: Bright
Height: 1m72
Weight: 62 kilograms
Body type: Mesomorph

God Parent: Hecate
Mortal Parent: James Jansen

Sword combat: she has been at Camp for quite a while, becoming extremely skilled with weapons, though she often favors her powers.
Piloting: with her father being a pilot, she was taught how to fly one as a child through mere simulations. As she grew, she got to fly her father's small private plane, which almost crashed, though it proved that she was capable of decent control
Martial arts: she has learned quite a lot of kung fu and jujitsu, and is capable of tackling an opponent (preferably humans)
Flaws (at least three):
Fear of heights: ironically, despite being a decent pilot, she has a fear of heights and doesn't enjoy flying at all
Anti-education: being rebellious, she is very very much against schooling, finding schools to be a stupid place and a waste of time, condemning anyone who endorses it as imbecile and a corporate puppet.
Scar: she has a scar on her cheek she'd not like to talk about
Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold/Egyptian bronze): a Celestial bronze sword called Rubilacxe (Excalibur spelled backwards), when scratched by, would inflict an optical illusion caused by the Mist that plagues the mind of the victim visions of what they fear the most, lasting 7 seconds. It can be resisted by thinking of what they love the most, suppressing the ability to an extent they can think for themselves and fight back.
Detect the presence of Mist illusions
Immune to Mist illusions
Capable of inflicting visions through the Mist towards a regular person (more difficult for monsters) that lasts for 3 posts, requiring Erina to be extremely focused (which makes it impossible in direct combat). The image is of her own choosing. The power resets after 5 posts, can only be done twice per thread, and breaks if she loses concentration
James was a military pilot. Having been granted a pilot’s license, in early 1940, he enlisted in the British Navy to combat the threat the Nazis were posing to the whole world, shortly after the bloody battle at Pearl Harbor. During the early days of World War II, he was assigned to the base of Dunkirk, France. All was quiet, until the soldiers were surrounded on the beach, and the British began evacuating the troops. He boarded the plane and launched a counterattack along with his fleet, with the hopes of buying as much time as possible for the evacuation.

After sinking a bomber, a hidden AA battery destroyed his entire squad, and James was the sole survivor, parachuting and landing in enemy waters. He was captured by a scout ship and taken as a war prisoner in a camp far in the North. He never knew where. It was where most survivors of the Battle of Dunkirk were held, and worked as slaves. Those who failed to comply were gassed to death.

Fortunately, the prisoners within plotted a riot. The ringleader was James, a Soviet captive and a young Jewish woman named Lilith. What seemed first as a brawl quickly escalated into an all-out riot that led to the eventual liberation of the camp. James was hailed a hero upon his return, and was honorably discharged. He was accompanied by Lilith, both of whom fell for each other.

She told James about her true identity of being Hecate, the goddess of magic. She was at the camp to witness the “magic” that the Nazis claimed, only to discover it was merely poisonous gas. Hecate decided to free the others from this terrible fate, and led the riot.

Nine months later, a baby girl named Meredy was born. She was sent up to his doorstep in New York City, but James never saw Hecate again.

Meredy grew up with a peaceful life, learning how to fly the airplane and whatnot. At the age of 13, her father was killed in a massive fire in their district. Distraught, she ran away, and on the streets, Meredy changed her name to Erina Yates, giving up on her past forever. In 1955, she met a woman when she was robbing a bank with several associates. This woman later came to her and revealed herself to be her mother Hecate.

Erina confided her pain to her mother, who simply told her that she must be brave, while also stating that she could avoid all the pain by traveling to the Lotus Hotel in Las Vegas.

She spent the rest of her savings to travel across the country to the city of Vegas, where she entered the casino. Erina loved the place, and she never wanted to leave again.

Around 60 years later, two demigods entered the casino. Their names were Rick and Reyna: Rick was giving her a lecture over the dangerous nature of the casino, while presenting to her some of the people from the 16th and 17th century. He was practically unaffected by the temptation, having no nose for profit. (It was one of the adventures that Rick dragged his sister along). However, he discovered Erina, recognizing her to be a demigod. Rick decided to get her out of there as well, but Reyna inadvertently fell for the trap and didn't want to leave.

To save them both, Rick went outside, robbed a gun store, took several guns and terrorized the casino, snapping the two girls out of their daydream. He eventually managed to save both of them, losing the cops in a car chase. He brought her back to Camp Jupiter, only to discover she was Greek. The praetor sent her east back to Camp Half-Blood.

At Camp, she decided she would remain there indefinitely, training to become a warrior and mastering her powers.

RP Sample (required for first form): Nope
Notes: I have 1 GP visit in store
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PostSubject: Re: Rebellions Are Built On Hope   Rebellions Are Built On Hope Icon_minitimeFri Jul 28, 2017 4:07 pm


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Rebellions Are Built On Hope
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