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 Gunnar Pedersen

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PostSubject: Gunnar Pedersen    Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:48 pm

Name: Gunnar Pedersen
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Demigod

World of Origin: Midgard
Country of Origin: Denmark
Place of Birth: Copenhagen
Race: Mixed
Skin color: Caucasian/White
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180 LBS
Body type: Mesomorph

God Parent: Odin (God of war, death, sky, wisdom, poetry, and magic.)
Mortal Parent: Astrid Pedersen

Personality: Gunnar is a laid back, but also serious-toned person. He seeks to find the best and the worst in people, to measure who they are. Gunnar is very goal and action based, looking to reach new heights for himself and whoever is accompanying him. Motivation is something that comes natural to Gunnar, though he struggles in other aspects. His laid back tone still conveys seriousness, just on an accepting level. He's reminiscent of a father in a serious situation, only he has no children.
- Speaking: Whether it comes to public speaking to many, or making a point in a private conversation, words come well to Gunnar. In a pinch, his war cry can be intimidating as well.
- Juggling: A secret talent Gunnar picked up, that no one who is alive knows about, not even his twin sister. Gunnar knows how to juggle with a fair amount of proficiency.
- Scandinavian Languages: Primarily Old Norse and modern Danish, Gunnar does speak what he needs and beyond to communicate with people at home and his ancestors, despite the cryptic nature of it.
- Need for Closure: Gunnar copes much better with a situation that ends in devastation than a situation that's left open. As a result, he'll commonly push issues, even in a negative way, to reach whatever outcome he needs to avoid long-term commitment to an issue.
- Stubborn: Gunnar has a stubborn demeanor, he'll always put up an argument or debate for whatever he thinks is right. It doesn't necessarily mean his mind isn't open, but he does expect worthy evidence to overturn his opinion.
- Distrusting: Gunnar is generally weary of strangers at first. While he can quickly overcome this, he generally tests people he meets. This can lead to people questioning him, depending on the circumstance.

- Nordic Steel Axe (One Handed)
- Nordic Steel Ornamental "Kinfr"
- Ravenspeak: Gunnar, likewise to his father, can communicate with ravens.
- Deathsense: Gunnar can sense if anyone has died recently within the vicinity of his location, depending on his mental state. If he's healthy and happy, he can tell if anyone has died where he is up to 48 hours ago. If he's exhausted or mentally unstable, that time can be reduced to as little as 6 hours.
- War Genes: Due to his lineage of Odin, Gunnar understands basic familiarity with war and raiding weapons, machines, and documents from the Norse and Viking era.
- Stargazer: Due to Odin's affinity of the sky, Gunnar feels a sense of familiarity with the stars. He can track where he is going in terms of wilderness and civilization, though only at night.
- Ancestral Assistance: Once every three topics, Gunnar can call upon his late ancestors, who will appear to him in a ghostly shade. These shades cannot harm people, though could potentially intimidate them if they're timid. Primarily, the purpose of this is to gather advice. If he does not dismiss the shade within 5 posts, their tie to midgard is cut automatically.

History: Gunnar Pedersen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, to a mother who was single. He was one of two children in a set of twins. His days in Denmark, however, weren't plentiful, and his mother, sister, and him, set out to move to the United States. They ended up in a much smaller city in South Dakota. The irony hadn't occurred to Gunnar until he was much older, how Copenhagen existed in such a small country, and now in a massive country, they were in a smaller city still.

At the time, Gunnar didn't have a single odd thought. He missed his old friends and life, and of course, there was now a language barrier, but it still seemed like a typical move. His mother had justified it as opportunity to him and his sister, in which he obliged. His Scandinavian pride consisted, however, he quickly took to learning about a more practiced western life style. In particular, the love for "democracy" in the west. They were technically only a republic, but Gunnar still admired the patriotism that generated from his new home.

As long as his sister was with him, he always had a piece of his first home. It was a perk. During middle school, some people would be able to speak French or Spanish to each other, but nobody ever expected the Danish to come forth. Gunnar didn't face many social issues in his schooling, if anything, they made him curious, because these issues didn't exist where he had come from.

By the time he had turned 14, his mother had began to push mythology on him and his sister, consistently pushing. Eventually, Gunnar caved. To his surprise, he became quickly fascinated, almost like it was natural to him. For the better part of the year, Gunnar was more and more interested in Norse mythology in particular. Though, as he read about the other pantheons, he grew feelings on their ancient cultures. The Greeks, who had created democracy, a system that Gunnar had grown strong feelings for, were respected. Though he grew some animosity for the ancient Romans, who would simply adopt the Greek faith and take it from them, over creating their own. Overall though, the Vikings and Norsemen took Gunnar's interest, and he fell in love with his own ancient culture.

His mother would light up when he talked about it, something he hadn't considered often. She'd given him a bulky knife one night, decorated and ornamented. It didn't seem practical for self defense, but his mother insisted it had ran in the family, and that she wanted him to carry it with him, wherever he want, besides school. Towards the end of his Freshman year of high school, that's when things began to go wrong. One night, against his sister's advisement, Gunnar snuck out of the house to go meet his friends, mostly upperclassmen. There was an old abandoned factory and mine in the town, the police always kept a cruiser nearby, and kids were still foolish enough to trespass.

Gunnar never made it to the factory. Him and his friends got close, until something charged them. His friends made profane and terrified remarks of a bear, but Gunnar hadn't seen a bear. What Gunnar saw was bi-pedal, and much more unnerving than a bear. The stocky figure looked to be 6 feet tall, wielded a wooden club, and looked to have quite possibly, literal barnacles growing on his features. It wasn't until much later that Gunnar put together the pieces. A troll was charging him and his friends.

The troll made an effort to grab Gunnar, but another friend intercepted him. Another friend with a knife tried to stab the thing, but Gunnar could swear he saw the knife go straight through the thing. His friend later claimed he missed the bear. Gunnar also gave everything he could to save his friend, one of his better ones, too. Using the stocky knife, he left no stone unturned. He plunged the knife into it several times before it turned to him.

The troll hit Gunnar, and that was the last thing he remembered from that night. He and his close friend ended up in critical care, and as his friends told the story, it was a bear that attacked them, and mauled them. Gunnar's wounds were blunt, yet the doctors insisted they were from claws. His mother had came, and was ready to tell him the truth. But he'd already gathered a rough idea of what was going on. Between her insistence to carry the knife, her desire for him to learn the mythology, moving to a smaller town, and that thing that attacked them.

There were blanks to fill in, that his mother was kind enough to update him on. He learned who his father was and what it meant about his life. She'd layed out his options. Live as normal of a life as possible and hide, or go out and fight. Gunnar spent the next few years edging between both options. To date, he still has not made contact with the residents of Hotel Valhalla.

RP Sample (required for first form): (Mason gave me permission to waive this.)
Notes: Faceclaim is Ezra Miller

Extra: (For the money!)

Pets: Gunnar, since leaving home, doesn't have any pets. He did have two dogs when at home, his favorite being Havgard, their Danish Swedish farmdog. While he only sees Havgard when he visits home, he still finds animal comfort will several ravens he speaks to.
- Cold Air: Growing up in Denmark, Gunnar came to love the crisp feeling of cold air.
- People: Gunnar likes the association of people, even if he doesn't always trust them. It's a journey to him, to figure out who they are.
- Culture: Gunnar loves tradition and culture, even if they aren't his own. He loves to participate in his own, and other, culture and practices.
- Romans: Gunnar holds a grudge on Romans for their ancestors, whom stole their faith from the Greeks. It's dishonorable, and can significantly alter his judgement on an individual.
- The Mist: Gunnar holds a great portion of hatred in his heart when it comes to the veil that separates the earth. It keeps culture from culture and friend from friend.
- Hunting: Gunnar isn't a skilled hunter by any means, however, he knows how to make snares and kill a target close up. It's a useful skill for wilderness survival.
- Combat: Gunnar is skilled in combat, in part due to his lineage. He likes to stay good at it, which isn't hard with the saturation of monsters.
- Building: Had Gunnar lived a normal life long enough, he very well may have majored in architecture. Whether for survival or long-term purpose, Gunnar loves building things of all purpose.
Secrets: Gunnar can juggle, though self-taught, he's very good at it. He doesn't share this with anyone, however. In addition, he keeps the death of his mortal friend secretive to most people.
Worst fear: Without a doubt, Gunnar's worst fear is to be a participant in a group or civilization whose foundation crumbles, somewhat similar to the former lifestyle he had with his mother and sister.
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend: Someone who is motivated, brave, and somewhat combat oriented. Although, Gunnar doesn't particularly consider relationships.
Insecurities: Gunnar presented brave traits when it came to the troll attack, but he blames himself, that he wasn't ready or skilled enough. Those fears still strike him from time to time.
Former/current relationships: Gunnar hasn't been involved with anybody sense he was attacked by the first troll. He's hesitant to form a bond that involves anything less than mutual combat orientation. He did, however, date one girl in middle school and another briefly before the troll attacked. He also, additionally, kissed a guy once.
How parents met: Astrid met Odin at a political conference, though Odin was simply a man dressed nicely who had flawless opinions. Even then, he insisted all of the conference was simply a waste of time. Astrid quickly fell in love with his attitude, though wasn't prepared for what would come next.

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PostSubject: Re: Gunnar Pedersen    Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:16 pm

Wow, Met, amazing form! (although not gonna lie, I didn't expect anything less lol)

Only thing: put the power in a post format. So, for example, he can do it once every topic, and they dismiss after 5 posts.


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PostSubject: Re: Gunnar Pedersen    Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:19 pm

Thank you! Edited, but I placed it at once every three topics because I know I need to handicap myself while I can.
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PostSubject: Re: Gunnar Pedersen    Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:21 pm

Approved. +150 coins (since you put a lot of effort into this section)


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PostSubject: Re: Gunnar Pedersen    

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Gunnar Pedersen
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