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 Rowan Lemanski

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PostSubject: Rowan Lemanski   Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:36 pm

Name: Rowan Lemanski
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Ace and Aromantic
fc// (if there's one): N/A

Country of Origin: Canada
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): Edmonton, Alberta
Race: Canadian (Polish Descent)
Skin color: Mid- beige/ tan
Hair color: Medium Dark Brown with hints of Copper and chunks of Chestnut Brown
Eye color: Dark Copper Brown
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 130lbs
Body type: Ro has a pear shaped and muscular body. The muscles come from being an active individual as well as working forges.
Appearance: Rowan doesn’t have an overly feminine appearance as most of her facial features are actually quite strong. Such as things like her eyebrows, jawline, and nose.  Her eyes are round and very expressive which can make it hard for her to hide her emotions. She has a rather wild expression about her which can unnerve others. Freckles are splashed across the bridge of her nose and under her eyes. On her right brow is a faint scar caused by a pet in its early stages of programming. She has a studded piercing on the bridge of her nose. Ro refuses to wear makeup so her face is quite plain- there may be the occasional oil smudge though. Her hair is an untameable mess and does what it pleases. Sometimes she’ll hold it back with a headband or goggles which creates a silly little puff near the back of her head.
Being someone who works with their hands, her hands are calloused and a bit rough. Her shoulders and arms are well toned as she is often lifting heavy objects and other things while working. Her frame is actually quite sturdy, if not beefy, compared to most girls her age. There are days where her muscles are noticeable and days where they aren’t, they aren’t normally defined.
For clothing she will usually wear a T-shirt (usually the Camp Half-Blood one) with a brown, cropped leather waistcoat. Her pants are either baggy jeans in medium blue colors, or a grey pair of cargo pants. On occasion she will wear baggy overalls instead of pants and a vest, with an orange CHB crop top. Footwear is either steel toed boots or combat boots in either brown or black. On her wrists are leather wraps that hold small tools so that she can tinker away from the workshop (or pick locks). Ro is rarely seen without her steampunk styled goggles, they serve as a magnifier when she is working on her smaller projects.

God Parent: Hephaestus
Mortal Parent: Amanda Lemanski

Personality: Ro is an ambivert, switching between outgoing or shying away regularly. She is affectionately rough, and often causes minor injuries when displaying her affections. During her attention seeking bouts, she is often obnoxious, eccentric, and considered annoying.
Burping the alphabet
Driving, she has a natural ability for figuring out how to operate transportation of all sorts
Great at doing impersonations
Quick learner
Quick and fluidly moving hands while working
Understanding complex blueprints
Effective at making people uncomfortable
Great thrower
Flaws (at least three):
Overly sarcastic
Easily offended
Poor Communication Skills
Thicker frame means less agility
Hyperopia, this is why she wears magnifying goggles when working
Duck footed, can cause her to be clumsy

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold/Egyptian bronze): Ro usually uses a javelin with a celestial bronze tip as she is rather good at throwing. The javelin also doubles as a boe staff. The staff can work as a defense and Rowan will use a xiphoi as an offensive weapon. When the javelin is not in use it can be compacted into something similiar to a police baton. It hangs loosely from her belt.
Armor: Rowan wears the typical greek armour set. Her helm has a plume made of flames instead of horse hair (a tribute she made towards her father as he is the god of fire).
Able to recreate a living creature as a mechanical one
By touching a machine she can picture a 3D xray of its internal structures
Billow: Rowan can blow boiling hot steam at an opponent. 1 post duration with 2 post cool down.
Soul Fracture: Using parts of her soul, Ro can grant a mechanical beast life or imbue a weapon to grant it magical qualities. These qualities vary depending on the weapon and her emotions at the time. It is a non combative power that slowly takes away from her soul which will eventually leave her void of expression.

History: Originally born in Edmonton to a woman of Polish descent, Rowan and her mother later moved south to Calgary. Her mother worked up north in the oil fields, so in the later years of her life, Rowan and James spent much of their time together as they were independent children that didn’t require much care during their mother’s prolonged absences. School life was fairly uneventful when it came to social situations, however academics where a different scenario. Rowan was often in trouble with her teachers as she was a horrible procrastinator and chose to work on whatever interested her.
Rowan didn’t go to Camp Half Blood until she was 17. Had it not been for James, she probably would not have gone or known of the place at all as she was seemingly able to ‘fly under the radar’ with monsters. Her sister seemed to attract unwanted attention and it was because of this that they had to be escorted to camp. Unfortunately, the satyr responsible for them was new to the job and the trio often got lost and dealt with monster encounters. Fortunately they made it to camp in one piece.
RP Sample (required for first form): -
Notes: James is Ro’s half-sibling who is played by Epitome Bear

Too honest (can put her in a bad situation)
Easily distracted
Flare is a very energetic individual, never seeming to stop moving. He enjoys collecting things and stashing them in places that can get in the way of other people. Similar to a parrot, he can pick up on words or phrases and will repeat them. (Careful what you say around him, he has gotten others in trouble before.) On occasion he will throw tantrums, which can result in the destruction of property. Flare is a fairly loyal creature, once someone has proven themselves to him. If he does become loyal to someone, he can be quite clingy.
Ro’s companion is the size of a small house cat and will often try to ride around on her shoulders (this causes problems as her hair will get caught on the creature). He was shortly created upon her arrival to Camp Half-Blood and is responsible for her facial scar.
Flare is capable of blowing fire, usually only small spurts. Due to having four eyes, his vision is excellent and he is capable of scoping out areas from above. The creature can turn into a backpack when not in use.
Likes: Poutine, LARPing, creating and organizing schematics, reading comic books, and being generally annoying.
Dislikes:  Being ignored, not being allowed to fidget, bullies, not being with James, losing at board games, and being bothered while she works.
Hobbies: Tinkering, acting, drawing
Dream job: Being involved in a science team that is working to create artificial life  
What do they want the most in life right now?: Their own forgery and the freedom to build whatever they please.
Secrets: She is on a terrorist watch list due to having been caught with homemade explosives on numerous occasions. (Ro at the time was trying to develop a more controllable and safe explosive for a mining company.)
Worst fear: Extreme heights, being left in isolation, or being restrained.
Ideal boyfriend/girlfriend:
Insecurities: Her personality; she is aware that she can be a little over the top and often dislikes herself for not being able to practice some restraint.
Former/current relationships: Nada- single pringle for life!
How parents met: At a hardware store while looking for a new welding helmet. Numbers were exchanged and eventually a romantic relation was pursued. Despite the short relationship, Rowan was conceived.
Time in camp (Greeks): Ro is newer to the camp and has recently transitioned from a summer time occupant to a year rounder as she has had trouble with attending regular school.
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PostSubject: Re: Rowan Lemanski   Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:48 pm

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Rowan Lemanski
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